About Haslien Photographers

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Haslien Photographers is a professional photography business in Sarpsborg in Norway. The company consists of two photographers Marion and her daughter Jeanett.

There is also a graphic designer working with us.  Kristina Fedaraviciene began as a full-time employee of Haslien Photographers in February 2013. She works with the production of photo products and albums.

Haslien Photographers shooting internationally and nationally. The photographers are known in Norway for taking nude art photos and is repeatedly used as lecture holders in this genre. See their nude art photo here: www.aktfotograf-marion.no

They are members of the largest association for professional photographers, «Norway Photographer Federation» (NFF). They own large well-equipped studio in Sarpsborg and deliver 100% of the shooting. They also travel on location internationally and nationally.

They are awarded several times for their photographs nationally and regionally. Both in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 they were named NFF best photographers in the region of Østfold.

Marion Haslien has photographed since 1993 and has worked extensively with the press photo before she started up his own studio on the isthmus in Sarpsborg in 2005. Still, she works with media and advertising photography at the studio photography.

Jeanett Haslien has two years at the photos Nordic School of Photography, which is one of the leading photography schools in Norway. (Graduates of 2010) She mostly works with fashion and portrait photography.

Kristina Fedaraviciene has four years of training as a graphic designer at Kaunas Art Institute.

Haslien Photographers is also ambassador for the internationally renowned brand Sunbounce, which produces defusere and reflectors.

See their photos that are categorized under different categories. As wedding, portrait, newborn photography, nude photography and pregnant women. Their photoblog is written in Norwegian, but use google translator to read their blog.

We can be contacted by phone: +47 976 73 823 mail: marion@haslien.no

Behind the scene photo. Photographer Marion Haslie working model photography on Tenerife in Spain.

Behind the scene photo. Photographer Marion Haslie working model photography on Tenerife in Spain.